Achevas TV

At Achevas, we are committed to providing you with the most seamless and complete learning experience possible.

We know that learning doesn't stop after class ends, so we challenged ourselves to find a way to extend top-quality academic support beyond the physical confines of our classrooms, as well as the time constraints of our weekly lessons.

Our solution is Achevas TV, our free online H2 Maths platform designed to be the perfect complement to our tuition classes.

Over 2,000 HD video lectures and worked solutions come together to provide a comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the entire H2 Maths syllabus. Each topic is presented as a logical flow modelled after our in-house lessons, and organised into colour-coded sections for enhanced clarity and visual memory. Best of all, clicking each individual section will pull up its accompanying explanatory video, shot classroom-style for an added sense of familiarity.

Achevas TV’s mirrored system actively reinforces every one of our classroom lessons, and makes it intuitively easy to jump straight to the specific areas you want to work on. With free 24/7 online access, you can revise and recap anytime, anywhere.

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