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At Achevas, we believe in the power of education and by extension, the importance of a good teacher.

We think good teachers don't just teach. They celebrate their students’ milestones and victories with them, and help them get back on their feet when they stumble and fall. As guides on students’ learning journeys, they inspire young minds to climb to greater heights, and reach their fullest potential.

We feel that good teachers lead by example. Lifelong learners themselves, their thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for their chosen subject is plain to see, and highly contagious. They can instantly recognise when a teachable moment presents itself, but are just as quick to identify their own learning opportunities.

We’re looking for teachers who are student-oriented, rather than result-driven. If you want to help students be the best they can be, we want you on our team.

Position(s) available:

Tutorial Group Facilitator (Part-Time/Contract)

As a Tutorial Group Facilitator, your main responsibility will be to conduct the post-lecture component of our programme. The aim of these sessions is to crystallise concepts covered in our lectures and familiarise students with their applications.

Each tutorial group will consist of 15 students, with whom you will work through sets of questions designed with the above purposes in mind. Students might have varying ability, and you’ll need to ensure that their needs are met while maintaining the overall classroom dynamic.

You will work closely with and report directly to the Lecturers, conducting up to 3 sessions a week. Remuneration will start at $200 per session depending on experience and other factors.

We are looking for team players with:

  • A University Degree in a Sci/Tech/Eng/Math discipline
  • Familiarity with the current H2 Math Syllabus and classroom experience
  • Availability on weekday evenings and weekends
  • Singapore Citizenship or PR
How to apply:

Email us your CV at