Principal maths tutor of Achevas. JC H2 Maths & Secondary A-Maths Tuition

Tutor with A Stellar Academic Track Record
Jack Ng

Achevas' Principal Math tutor, Jack Ng, holds a 1st Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering, and was on the Dean's List for all academic semesters, graduating one full semester ahead of his peers. Subsequently he completed the Master of Engineering course in 14 months instead of the usual 24.

However, before Jack realized the importance of understanding the concepts he was studying in school, his results were mediocre. He barely managed to get admitted into Raffles Junior College and even then, his grades were always fluctuating, and he ended up almost failing his promotional exams.

During the second year of junior college, he happened to recall how he once studied for his Mathematics exams in Secondary 2. He had failed this subject the first semester, but after changing his method of studying, he consistently scored above 90 marks for most of the tests and exams that year. This was due to an emphasis on understanding the topic, rather than simply identifying possible exam questions and revising accordingly.

Jack therefore developed a rudimentary version of TOP™, and with it he began to get better grades, subsequently scoring straight A’s in the GCE ‘A’ Level exams. With the further refinement and application of TOP™, he emerged at the top of his cohort in his first year in NUS (National University of Singapore). In recognition of his academic performance, he was offered a place in the Accelerated Masters Program, which sped up his university education by almost two years, but meant that he had a few more subjects than his peers per semester. Despite the much heavier workload, with TOP™, Jack was awarded the Dean’s List every academic semester, and graduated with First Class Honours and a Master of Engineering.

Since 2002, Jack has been actively involved in volunteer work with underprivileged children and teens. This enriching experience has enhanced his ability to interact with youth, and led him to realize the impact that education can have on the path a child takes in life.

He envisions that Achevas will help students to not only excel academically, but more importantly, develop a genuine love of knowledge.

"The best teachers inspire you, entertain you and you end up learning a ton without even knowing it. Jack was one such teacher."
M Kayal Pillay | Raffles Institution (Junior College)
Academic Track Record

Jack's grades were fluctuating until he developed TOP™ to help him thoroughly understand each concept. With TOP™ he began to achieve and maintain excellent results.

He is an alumnus of River Valley High School, Raffles Junior College, and the National University of Singapore.

The graph below tracks Jack’s academic performance before and after the application of TOP™:

River Valley High School Raffles JC (Y1) Raffles JC (Y2) NUS (Y1) NUS (Y2) NUS (Y3) NUS (Y3.5) NUS (Master)
"O" Level (2 A1s, 5 A2s) JC1 Promotional Examination (1 A, 1 D, 1 E, 1 O) JC2 Preliminary Examination (2 As, 1 B, 1 C)

"A" Level (4 As)

TOP™ was first developed by Jack, and put into practice during JC2 Preliminary Examination.
Semester I DEAN's LIST

Invited for Accelerated Master Program (AMP)

Semester II DEAN's LIST

TOP™ was used and successfully achieved excellent results again after 2+years of National Service.
Semester I DEAN's LIST

Semester II DEAN's LIST

TOP™ used for study.
Semester I DEAN's LIST

Semester II (non-academic semester) was awarded internship at Mercedes Benz in Germany.

TOP™ used for study.
Semester I DEAN's LIST


Bachelor (FIRST CLASS)

Only student to complete the full course of Bachelor within 7 semesters instead of 8.

TOP™ used for study.
Master was completed in 14 months instead of 24 months.

MASTER of Engineering

Research paper published in IROS, Japan.

TOP™ used for study.