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The Learning Methodology
Thorough Outlining Process (TOP™)
"Exactly what you’re supposed to have in your brain before entering an examination."
J.J. Ong | Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College)

The key to scoring in exams is neither question-spotting, nor analyzing how examiners set questions, because such techniques are by their very nature risky and produce inconsistent results.

TOP™ helps students to achieve consistent academic excellence by equipping them with the means to gain a thorough and complete understanding of the concepts, which in turn enables them to answer effectively any kind of question they encounter.

Jack Ng (Founder and Principal Tutor of Achevas) has been using TOP™ in his tuition classes since 2003 and his students have all shown a marked improvement in their academic performance, some even going on to become top students. Through TOP™’s emphasis on the grasping of concepts, even former failures were soon able to score A’s in their exams.

At Achevas, we believe that a true achiever is one who displays an in-depth understanding of each topic, as well as the versatility in applying this understanding to solve different types of exam questions.

The Methodology
Top Learning Methodology Schematic

Here at Achevas, students start every class with a topical outline specially designed by Jack to be highly-condensed yet perfectly comprehensive. Developed though Jack’s years of experience and extensively field-tested by our students, these powerfully concise, all-inclusive topical summaries serve as the primary basis of instruction in our classes.

Students will then be guided through practice worksheets designed to illustrate and reinforce key concepts and their applications. These worksheets play a complementary and vital role in orienting students to the focus and expectations of exams.

We encourage students to adopt an active learning attitude during classes, further customizing and adding to the outlines to produce a final product perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

Used together, the outline and accompanying worksheet are unparalleled in their ability to strengthen conceptual understanding and improve information retention.

For maximum efficacy, the TOP™ Methodology should be extended beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to further refine and supplement their outlines in their own time, drawing from additional resources such as notes and reference materials. Each new version of the outline should be tested against practice questions, and the deficient areas improved upon, and the testing process repeated.

It is through this iterated testing and refining process that the final, conclusive outline is obtained — a single document, perfectly customized and complete, that can serve as the student’s sole reference material in solving any possible question that an examiner can conceive.

Hard copies of our TOP™ Topical Outlines can now be purchased from the Achevas Store.